In 2017, enroute to my puffin adventure on Skomer, I stayed with my friend Jackie Morris. She was working on her illustrations for The Lost Words, and I was lucky enough to see some of the gorgeous artworks in creation! Jackie told me there was a call out to illustrators... to contribute a bird postcard, as a metaphor for human migration, with a message attached. The project was to highlight the perilous journeys of refugees.

migration postcard.jpg

The postcards had to be stamped and posted from the artist’s home town, so that they had travelled a journey themselves. Over 300 postcards were received from all over the world.

They were displayed at the Bratislavia Biennal (the furthest my work has been exhibited to date!), where the postcards were hung on vertical wires, like a great flock of birds swooping across the room. If one card was touched, the whole would quiver, ‘replicating the precarious nature of flight’. Amazingly I could actually see mine in the display (above the solid red one) posted on Twitter by iBbY.

bratislavia exhibit.jpg

Last year I heard that Otter-Barry Books was going to publish a book with a selection of the postcards, and that mine was one of fifty chosen from the exhibition. I was over the moon delighted! 

The book entitled Migrations: Open Hearts, Open Borders is postcard sized and available now. 

So strange that this opportunity originated during a trip to see migratory puffins in Wales and has ended up with me sharing book pages with my fabulously talented friend, and many big name illustrators!


Migrations cover.jpg