Shades of Black and White

Another fabulous opportunity to exhibit at Artizan in Torquay. This was a real challenge, working in black and white when my work is more usually very colourful, but I'm pleased with the end results… a zebra (I know, I know) and a badger (with hidden message in it's fur).

Hopefully will get some interest, as this is on for three weeks.

Words and Pictures

Another fabulous open exhibition at Artizan Gallery, Torquay, the theme this time, poetry inspired by art and art inspired by poetry!

Two pieces submitted, an owl with a very old rhyme and a tiger with a limerick… I had a lot of fun with these, as you might imagine! Julie has also given me wall space in the Artizan Cafe for a few of my other illustrations, they look really great against the blue.. thank you so much Julie!

There is a huge variety of art displayed, very striking, and the opportunity to pen some poetry if you feel so inclined!

Open until the 21 March if you get the chance to pop in?

French Vrai Amis

I have been collaborating with another 30 Day Challenger, Nadine Chadier, who has been developing an exciting new way to learn French pronounciation. 

I used French dictionary pages to illustrate five cognantes, words which are the same in French as in English, or Vrai Amis as Nadine calls them...real friends!

It has been a fun project and who knows where it might lead?

You will see the video clip here ( yes it is my own voice for the English!)

Here it is :



I'm live!

Well, here I am!

I never believed it would happen... I have my own website and domain and I am live!

Power to the stubborn determination of the middle aged menopausal woman on a mission 'do what you love', while you still can! When I hit 50, quite happily, I realised that life is too damn short to stay in a job that is not fulfilling or enjoyable... my eyes and mind were opened by John Williams' book Screw Work, Let's Play. Thanks to John, Judith and other 30 Day Challengers, I have been encouraged and supported in this exciting new venture!!

I feel brave and I feel able.

Let's do this!